About Us





You know how first impressions are last? That is true for every field and profession in the world today. If you fail to make a mark with your appearance, there is very little chance that you will get a chance to display your personality to show that you are worth it. Guven is for all those people willing to improve their first impression, be it for a job interview, a presentation or a job.

What We Do

In helping them improve their first impression, GuvenCosmetic offers several products. These include products for teeth whitening, skin correction, skincare, hair care and what not. These products are created with industry experts and mostly use organic ingredients to ensure that our products are not harmful for you in any way possible.

In addition to that, the products are tested exhaustively to ensure that there is not even the slightest room for error. Furthermore, the focus in development and use of these products is to produce immediate results. That is why everything, from our charcoal teeth cleaning to our skincare products all offer instant results.

Our Story

Guven Cosmetics started as a vision of two salespeople that wanted to make a difference. Given the immense focus on appearance in the world of sales, they kept looking for and exploring methods to look more presentable. In that endeavor they sought out dental treatments to make their smiles brighter – the ones they thought their customers deserved.

However, they discovered that to give their customers the very best, they were depleting their own resources continually. While this was saddening, they did not give up on the idea of being more presentable in a budget friendly way. Therefore, they began to explore the cosmetic industry for solutions. Solutions that would not just help themselves, but everyone out there find pocket-friendly solutions.

As a result, Guven Cosmetic was started in 2016 as GuvenCosmetic Whitening as a store front. The store specialized in creating better smiles for you immediately. Working full time jobs, they kept working on Guven to help the business grow through marketing and investments. As this continued to happen, Guven grew and began to offer a diversified portfolio of products at different price points.

Throughout, the focus of all our efforts was to create budget friendly products and services for all our clients. Our clinic, therefore, includes staff that specialize in their craft and can offer the best experience to our customers.

Our Philosophy

There is more to us than meets the eye though. While our bottom line is to create solutions to make appearance more presentable instantly, we have a deeper philosophy. This philosophy is to do good not only for our own selves – like what we started to achieve as sales representatives with more presentable appearance – but to spread the positives around the world with our offerings.

That is why we highlight the issues of budgetary constraints when we talk about our products and aim to make them affordable for everyone. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and everyone deserves success.

To this day, the two salespeople that started the venture work full-time jobs while running this business so that they may make products that inspire the world. If it were not for the vision of those two sales representatives, Guven Cosmetics would not have been a reality.

The success that it is today is because of the people conscious enough to work on their own selves and make an impact.